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A Journal to inspire…

A must-have part of the creative process is a journal, a notebook or sketchbook that you carry around at all times to capture ideas, fragments and story seeds. If you don’t, by the time you come to write it down later the thought is often gone, as elusive as Keyser Söze. My online shop offers a […]

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Limited Edition ‘A Writer’s Liquor Lot’: Pre-order now!

It’s well documented that certain writers of note have a history of lively alcohol consumption alongside their creativity. Whether or not that improved their prose is not up for debate at this juncture! But to pay homage to this tradition and celebrate all things writerly, we’re offering a special Limited Edition ‘A Writer’s Liquor Lot’ […]

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A Labour of Love

There’s something rather pleasing about writing with a quill and ink. I’ve always been surprised how similar it is to using a fountain pen, especially using the beautiful nibbed quills in The Writing Room, which are made just up the road in Axminster. As with any creative endeavour and with anything worthwhile, it takes a […]

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Out of this World

I’m finding renewed enthusiasm for organising my travel (that’s armchair as well as actual), with new products from Herb Lester. The pocket fold-out travel maps offer a welcome change to the conventional approach to guides and are bound to whet the appetite of the curious traveller; carefully curated insider information is packed into each map. With […]

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Full house for ArtsFest Lit Salon

The ArtsFest Literary Salon, with special guest, chef and Guardian writer Gill Meller, was a huge success. Held at luxury boutique B&B Dorset House, guests enjoyed seasonal cocktails and canapés inspired by recipes in Gill’s debut solo cookbook, Gather. Janis Lane, owner of The Writing Room in Lyme, hosted proceedings with Lyn Martin, Dorset House […]

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A Recommendation

I’m delighted to see my essay Fictional Worlds published on the Thresholds website. For those who like to read and/or write fiction, you may well be aware of the existence of this fantastic site, which is based at the University of Chichester. It offers a wealth of information on the short form for both readers […]

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Something is Working

Something is Working

Some little bits of writing news. First, I was delighted to be long listed for the Bath Short Story Award for a tale I’m very fond of. In the end I didn’t make the shortlist but I feel buoyed by the tentative steps towards validation. Turns out that people might just like some of my stories, which […]

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Curious Arts Festival

Curiouser and Curiouser

I can’t wait to go to the Curious Arts Festival. Here’s why. I’ll be… Watching Billy Bragg Laughing at Lucy Porter Taking advice from DBC Pierre Tasting fine wines Hanging out with (or near) the literati Taking my daughters to hear Carol Ann Duffy read Watching aerial acrobatics and circus skills Spending time with friends and family […]

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Literary Salon Launch

Literary Salon Launch

The inaugural Lyme Regis Literary Salon was held on June 11th this year, World Gin Day. What better way to celebrate than with gin-based cocktails and sharing the written word with like-minded people? The literary salon is a long-established tradition where like-minded people gather to share the written word, enjoy lively conversation and explore new ideas. […]

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New Beginnings Lyme Regis

New Beginnings

It’s been a great first summer season for The Writing Room, and we’ve been delighted with the reaction to our shop; thanks to everyone from Lyme and elsewhere, who have been so positive about what we’re doing. Meeting new people and chatting about the delights of the written word has made it a very sociable […]

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